Investing in SMEs ethically

What is Qards about ?

Qards is a marketplace matching through sharia compliant financial instruments, investors with an Islamic background or cautious about socially responsible investments to opportunities within the SMEs financing market.

What do we do

Qard strives to match SMEs in need of funds with potential investors. It provides a unique online marketplace for funds enabled by sharia compliant instruments.

Are you an investor ?

Are you cautious about responsible and ethical investing ? Qards, by using Islamic compliant financial instruments will only pick SMEs financing opportunities complying with Islamic laws of investment. Qards will not only pass all SMEs through its sharia compliance processes but will also ensure that all opportunities posted on its platform have passed compliance and due diligence process for financing eligibility.   The 5 pillars of Islamic laws for investments are: prohibition of interest, profit […]

Are you an SME in need of funds ?

Having access to funds is one of the most challenging task for SME. Qards offers a crowd based funding marketplace to finance SMEs in need of funds through Islamic compliant instruments. You can finance your expansion, your equipment acquisition or your real estate with ethical, fairer and 100% transparent contracts. Islamic finance is based on ethical and socially responsible principles such us sharing risk between entrepreneurs and investors which we believe […]

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